Sunday, November 9, 2014


I received this sad message first thing Monday morning on Nov. 3, 2014.  I visited these ladies at their workshop in Feb. 2014. I've been selling their bone jewelry and aprons since 2010.
Scroll down to previous post to view photos from my Feb. 2014 trip. 

On behalf of the St. Martha's Ministry, and Faraja widows in Kibera, I would like to request all of you to stand with us in prayer. A great tragedy happened at our project in Kibera at 1.00am today and by 3.00am this morning (11-3-14) the attached pictures is what was left.
We have lost everything; all our sewing machines, already made orders for Christmas, materials, documents etc.
It is indeed a very trying moment for us.
May the Lord bless you all for standing with us during this difficult moment in the history of St. Martha's Ministry and Faraja Widow's project.


Praising God for supplying the needed funds to rebuild within 1 month of the fire.
Below are pictures of their new workshop taken on Dec. 5, 2015.
Many thanks to all who supported this project!



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Feb. 2014 Visit to Faraja Widow's Project in Kibera slums (Nairobi,Kenya)

I am thankful to Eunice Otieno for taking me to visit the women who make the bone jewelry and aprons that I have been selling. This picture was taken at their workshop in Kibera slums in
Feb. 2014

Eunice and Caleb, project coordinators at St. Martha's Ministry. 
The mission strives to improve the quality of life of widows
and orphaned children by HIV/AIDS through economic and spiritual empowerment.

The widow project is named 'FARAJA', the Swahili word for 'comfort'.

Here are some of their beautiful creations.

They make jewelry out of bone, glass beads, or wire.

Bone bracelets

They modeled their handmade aprons for me.

The sewing room.

A sweet message from the women:
The money you have been giving us through buying jewelry and purses has been very helpful to us and the widows and their children. Through selling jewelry and purses, we are buying the school uniforms, pull overs and shoes. Both widows and their children are very happy and grateful to you. 

New Friends in Uganda

Two new friends in Jinja, Diana and Betty.
They each have a special story of  God saving them and taking care of them.