Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 Mission Trip Photo Collage (Burundi & Uganda)

I wish I could sit down with each of you and share stories over a cup of tea.  
Since it is not possible, please enjoy this photo collage 
and know that every prayer and contribution made a difference.

Shy giggles of greeting from kids,

 Endless hugs of appreciation from widows,

and a dance of joy upon my arrival.

All were so very grateful so see a real person representing their supporters. It means more to them than we can comprehend.  Their lives are truly changed.
Each one said, “Thanks be to God!”

 All were so very grateful to see a real person representing their supporters.  It means more to them than we can comprehend.  Their lives are truly changed.

These are the orphans I sponsor with my friend Lisa.
Their mother passed away in 2012. 
Eliane, Christian, Vestine, Nadine, Diane
                                             in front of their home in Bujumbura, Burundi.

If you look closely, you will see JESUS LOVES U written on the wall beside the door.
                             I didn't notice it until I returned and looked through my photos.
I am thankful that the spirit of Christ is in their home and they attend church.

 Christian happily receives a gospel story soccer ball. 
They all enjoyed trying two of the most popular 'sweets' from the U.S.
                I was told that their medicine looks like the skittles.  They liked the skittles better!

                Joy Bucconyori is the president of the Sister Connection Widow ministry in Burundi.

 Greeting Veronique on behalf of the Wilsons.

Visited and brought gifts to Faice who is sponsored by the Littlefields.

I was greeted with joy, and a gift, by widow Rose after a 3.5 hour drive 
up the mountain to reach her home. 
She is sponsored by my mother-n-law. 

After visiting, everyone walks us back to our vehicle. 

The House of Joy is on Mt. Hope in Burundi.
Home of the Widow's Training Center and educational  building.
They come here to learn how to sew, make baskets, raise goats, and manage finances. 

             Adding up my purchases at the widow's workshop at the House of Joy on Mt. Hope.

                                                                      aprons and baskets

                                                        So thankful for Francine (left).
                            She was was my translator and 24/7 companion the whole weekend. 

After spending the weekend in Burundi I went to Jinja, Uganda to participate in the

Light and Life Free Methodist Church Women’s Conference 
in Jinja, Uganda 

 I shared a message of hope and inspiration with the ladies using the symbol on the 
Compelling Creations JOY pendant. 
It stands for Jesus, Others, You: live your life in this order and you will have JOY.

                                       Listening to the Word on chairs, benches, or the floor.
                                                                   Everyone is welcome

Click here to listen to-Worship - Uganda Style - Video Link: 

Kids love sweets! I shared many skittles on this trip.
                                      Some of the big ones put out one hand, ate their candy,
and snuck around the group and put out their other hand.

                          I finally wised up and had them sit down to make sure everyone got some.

                                        This is my friend Diana with her new baby, Malachi.
                         We got to know each other in 2014 when I stayed at Sole Hope guest house.
                                              She was the house hostess there at the time.

                                   Diana recently rescued Mercy from an alcoholic mother                                                                        who was going to sell her for less than $100 to an old man.
   She is proudly wearing the shirt I gave her.

Mercy LOVES to help take care of Malachi. She is also learning English from Diana since they did not speak the same native language when Diana took her in. 

                                      Diana helps take care of her children by selling crafts. 
                    I purchased several things from her to add to my Gifts With Purpose sales.

As always, I am so grateful to participate in such a mission.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute to any of the following projects:

Mercy's education

Diana's Home Construction

Sponsor a woman to attend the next ladies retreat in Jinja