Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fresh Water

    Remembering my visit to the well at Light and Life Free Methodist Church in Jinja, Uganda. 
     Always love to see the kids running to fill their jugs and get their pictures taken. 

     Purchase a well charm as a reminder to pray for fresh water initiatives and 
a portion of your purchase will be donated to operation blessing. 
     Visit the website above, or call Kim to order. 847-691-8005

Monday, December 21, 2015

6th Annual Gifts With Purpose sale

    Thanks to all who came to shop at my 6th Annual Holiday Shop. I am honored to support widows, orphans, and global missions through sales of Fair Trade crafts. 
     Pray for the artisans and orphans this Christmas as they celebrate Jesus birthday in their homeland. In some countries, Christians are more at risk of persecution at this time of year. 
     May Jesus name be lifted up around the world. He is the reason for the season!