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Guatemala Trip - June 2018
2018 Mission Trip reflections click here.

Uganda and Burundi Trip - August 2017
2017 Mission Trip Reflections Click here.

                                                          Nicaragua Trip - August 2016 
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Anna with her Nicaraguan sister

I had the wonderful privilege of visiting my daughter, Anna, in Nicaragua the first week of August 2016.  She studied there in the fall of 2015 and worked there as an intern with Students International during the summer of 2106.  I visited several of the outreach sites and learned about their microfinance program.  I enjoyed watching wood bowl's being carved, canvas bags being sewn, candy being made, and interacting with the artisans.
I bought several of their creations to add to my gift sales inventory.

Learn more and be inspired
by reading Anna’s  Blog post.   Very interesting reflections!

Read and watch Anna's video at the The Potter’s workshop.
I love this inspirational post created by Anna.
Be sure to click on the video at the end.

About SI
Students International (SI) is an organization that works in partnership with nationals in the countries where they are located (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.) They are focused on holistic long term community development and transformation through relationship building and empowerment. Nationals work in the communities all year, and teams of North Americans visit at various times throughout the year, or participate in semester study abroad programs.
Read more about the organization on their website:  www.stint.com
Uganda Mission Trip  2014

Uganda Mission Trip 2012

Blessing the Bead Makers

Kim shared the following blessing with the beader's on Friday, Feb. 24, 2012.  She encouraged and affirmed their creativity and patience as they work to make jewelry.

Beader’s Blessing

We are made in God’s image and likeness.When I see your creations I am reminded of the creativity of our God who made so many things from nothing.
When you take scraps and transform them into something beautiful,  I think of God who takes the scraps (junk) of our lives and transforms them into something beautiful and useful.
When I see you take the time to carefully craft each bead one by one,  then take more time to glaze, and glaze again, and more time to string, and more time to craft designs; I think of God’s great love and patience with us and his willingness to forgive us over and over.
When you string the beads together into one whole piece,  I remember God who takes each one of us and puts us together to make us the church;  Together we are strong and beautiful.
When we take your jewelry and share it with others, we have an opportunity to tell about the love and care of God in our lives and yours.  We are so blessed to be a part of this process.
Click the link to read the blog from this trip in a new tab.

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