Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nicaragua Photo Collage and Reflections Aug. 2016

Here is a snapshot of my time in Nicaragua as I visited Anna and learned about the work of Students International.
Each day at the SI base begins with Bible study and worship before breakfast. I was challenged to always remain loyal to God and pray about everything, as we studied the book of Daniel. Daniel's faith and humility are a great model to follow.
  I loved listening to the birds  during
  our quiet time.  

Visited the Sunshine Handmade workshop where leather and canvas totes and wallets are made to support the new Premature Baby Foundation in Nicaragua.  Four families are also earning a living.

                                                           Le Chela      Me     Nogelia


Went leather shopping with Leslie and Javier.
Watched Javier carefully select pieces with the least flaws for making high quality totes and wallets.
It's a long process as many cow hides have scratches, ripples, or holes from barbed wire, bugs, or overstretching. Makes me appreciate how special each item is.

Leslie, the designer and founder, helps in the selection process.

To see products available for purchase,
go to blog post from 7/11/16 called Sunshine Handmade Nicaragua.

I enjoyed visiting several of the ministry sites.  
I appreciate the focus on the Word of God and prayer at the base and at each site. The micro finance leader, Katia, always ended our time with people by praying for their needs. Below are a few photos with the Microfinance group.


Microfinance Leader: Katia

Helping cut material to make headbands.

Wilbur's Workshop

In Process

Still In Process

This gorgeous bowl was finishe in 1 hour.
I bought it and gave it away as a gift.

Wilber and his wife, Reyna.

This was a fun trip for a teacher who loves to learn and share,
 AND of course it was great to see 'Anna's world'