Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scenes from Light and Life Free Methodist Church in Jinja, Uganda (Trip 2014)

I travelled to Uganda on Feb. 10-24, 2014.  My last trip was in 2012. I had a wonderful time reconnecting with the Jinja bead makers and working at the Light and Life Free Methodist Church.  I travelled with a team from Janesville, Wisconsin, led by Joy Ngobi, founder of Hope Institute of Uganda.

Joy Ngobi oversaw the disbursement of 2 containers of medical equipment donated by 3 hospitals in Wisconsin. I worked with the bead makers helping with product development and design, as well as sharing spiritual encouragement and Bible teaching at the church.

I also went to Kenya for a few days to visit with the Free Methodist Bishop and his wife, Neddy, and met the widows that make the bone jewelry I have been selling. 

             Pastors Manasseh and Rose              Mama Pascalia with Rebecca and Peace

The kids who sang for me. 

The bead makers

Fun time at the well

The parsonage behind the church

Deo proudly shows newly built library shelves

Working with the beaders

They taught me how to make an ornament.

Linda with the kids

Aaron with the kids

Me and Peace

Me and Mercy 2014

      Me with Mercy and her brother 2014                                Mama Esther, bead maker and caretaker

 Me with Mercy in 2012

                                                                         Me with Mercy in 2011-my first trip to Jinja, Uganda

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