Sunday, July 10, 2016

Batik Scarf Making Process

I love to learn how things are made.  It was fun to take these photos myself when I visited the workshop in Jinja, Uganda.

Designs are first cut out of recycled x-ray films and placed on the fabric.
Hot wax is then applied with a brush. 

When the wax is cool the material is placed in a tub of dye, rinsed and hung to dry.

Wax is boiled away after the fabric is dry then the fabric is thoroughly washed and rinsed.                                                                                            

         The areas where wax was applied remains white.
The fabric is now ready to be sewn into scarves and headbands.
                                                  Thanks, Diana for all your hard work directing this project.

                Existing designs can be purchased for $20
                          by calling Kim 847-691-8005.

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